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This is Connectedly, the greatest website, community and information resource dedicated to the wonderful world of connected devices! As part of the Mobile Nations family — Android Central, iMore, Windows Phone Central, CrackBerry — Connectedly will go beyond the smartphone and tablet platforms and explore the emerging world of connected devices that these robust mobile platforms enable.

Since the beginning, our dream at Mobile Nations was that one day every phone in the world would be a smartphone. Over a decade later, this is no longer a dream but becoming more and more a reality. We're now entering the post-smartphone era, where every phone in the world will be smart and the next decade will be focused on making everyday (and not-so-everyday) devices smarter and more connected.


The Connectedly Vision and Mission

Our aim is simple — we want to establish Connectedly as the premier destination for anything and everything connected. Mobile platforms are at the center of a new era of connected devices, which includes everything from smartwatches to smart thermostats to connected cars and toys (and a whole lot of stuff in between). That makes Connectedly a natural fit for the Mobile Nations network, and a natural extension of our coverage. What's more, this new generation of connected devices will increasingly work with all major mobile platforms, so whether your platform of choice is Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry, you'll want to visit Connectedly often!


Passion and Expertise

Connectedly offers the real world coverage in the connected space. Smart products present a big challenge to the traditional "tech" publication. A person who is passionate and knowledgeable about technology can write a great gadget review, but being passionate about technology doesn't necessarily best position you to review a product that's geared at enhancing something from another area of life. For example, think about a wearable fitness tracker like the Fitbit. Sure, a "tech reviewer" can put together an OK review. Personally, if I'm looking to take my fitness to the next level I'd rather read the review on a product like the Fitbit from somebody who's first passion and expertise is fitness and can truly validate the product's benefits and shortcomings.

So here at Connectedly you'll find not only passionate writers, but also a passionate team of experts. We won't have people writing on products that they don't know about, so you'll only find the best of the best here.


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Launched: April 28, 2014
Connectedly is part of the Mobile Nations network