World's. Greatest. Selfie.

"Who has the longest arms?" You won't need to ask that question again when you're trying to cram a group of friends into one epic selfie, because there's a better way to snap a pic of your crew.

Work the angles

AirSelfie is a Kickstarter project that gives you your very own flying camera so you can take incredible selfies. Think about it, you're out hiking and the sun is about to set. Problem is you're all alone, but that pic would look so much more majestic on your Tinder profile if it was framed with your smiling face, body glistening with sweat, AND the epic lens flares from the setting rays! The AirSelfie can snap the angles you just can't get yourself.



The AirSelfie is a flying camera that you control with your phone and store in your phone's case!

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Wi-Fi and Fly

The AirSelfie lives in a case that can recharge your device, or you can choose a two-in-one case that stores the device and your phone. Control the flying camera with the AirSelfie app to get just the right angle and choose the focal point. Once you snap your pics AirSelfie transfers them to your device over Wi-Fi.

Get an hour of flight time in with a single charge of your AirSelfie and recharge the camera in just 30 minutes. The AirSelfie snaps pics through a five megapixel, HD lens. AirSelfie will literally take your selfie game to new heights!