Because voice control is SO last year

Your devices are smart, but there's a smarter way to control them. Bixi is a touch-free smart controller that allows you to command your connected home with gestures!

Look Ma! No hands!

Most of the time, controlling your phone or tablet with a few taps isn't an issue. But we use our devices for so many things. We stream music while we ride our bike. We pull up recipes while cooking. Heck, we stream Netflix in the tub! Sometimes it's not a great idea to goop up your screen by touching it with your hands, or it might be dangerous to try and fumble your phone from your pocket. Bixi connects you with your favourite apps and connected devices without needing to halt your current activity.



Bixi is a smart accessory that allows you to control your connected devices just by gesturing.

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Wave goodbye!

Connecting and programming your Bixi to work with your favorite apps is simple. Once paired Bixi recognizes eight gestures right out of the gate you can use to interact with your devices. You can also quickly switch between devices with one Bixi allowing you to, for example, turn down the lights and cue up Gilmore Girls on Netflix with just a wave and a swipe above your device. Bixi allows you to control your devices and connected home even if you're not nearby the specific device you want to access.

Place one Bixi in your home or scatter multiple throughout to enhance your connected living space. Bixi is always on, but even so, has a three-to-eight-week battery life. Bixi is the ultimate tool for multitaskers and is a perfect companion for your smart devices.