And know they're safe, too!

Giving your kiddos independence and teaching them about responsibility is a huge step. This smartwatch makes that transition easier and gives parents peace of mind knowing they can see if their kids are somewhere safe in a glance.

Mom, Dad, watch this!

The Pomo Waffle is an anti-scratch GPS smartwatch for kids. It has 3G connectivity, so you can see at a glance on your phone where your kids are or be notified immediately if they leave "safe zones," like school, their favorite park or a friend's house.

Because kids are always on the move and running around, the watch has a double-knob strap to ensure it's not going to fall off by accident. If they aren't sure how to get home, you can add your address and the Waffle will give your child directions so they can find their way home.

The watch has a full-color touch screen and 3D version sensors. This Kickstarter also promotes creativity and helps kids develop independence and understand responsibility. You can set up reminders to help them learn how to stay organized.

Pomo Waffle


The Pomo Waffle is a GPS smartwatch for kids that allows you to see where your kids are and it notifies you if they leave "safe zones," like school, their favorite park or a friend's house.

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For those who waffle on what they want

Kids change their mind a lot, so the Pomo Waffle allows them to easily change their watch face to their favorite cartoon theme.

And for the children who have a great sense of style, they can customize the watchband to coordinate with their outfit. Bands are available in red, blue, yellow, green or purple. The watch is water-resistant and dust-proof.