More than a Fitbit for your pet

We've all wished we could be a fly on the wall so we knew what our cute and hilarious pets got up to while we're gone for many hours at work. Now, with Felcana, you can keep an eye on your pet's behavior, activity and health.

The future of pet care

Felcana is a Bluetooth-enabled collar that monitors your pet's activity and collects data that it stores on the Cloud so you can use the companion app to keep an eye on Fido or Fluffy while they're home alone. It can also give you reminders about your pet's medications, appointments or other treatments.

In just a tap, you can find out if they're being lazy and napping for several hours in the kitchen, if they're pacing back and forth stressed for most of the day, how many times they're heading to the food and water dishes, or how many times they've used the pet door to get in and out.

Felcana can also give your veterinarian a glimpse into your pet's daily habits and can also help them identify any critical changes in their behavior or health earlier, so they can address any issues that could lead to problems before it's too late.



Felcanais a Bluetooth-enabled collar that monitors your pet's activity and collects data so you can keep an eye on your pet, and it also reminds you about your pet's medications and appointments.

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Durable. Reliable. Robust.

Felcana is small and lightweight (just a third of an ounce!), so it won't get caught on things when your dog is shaking his coat out after a bath or your cat investigates things while she's on out the prowl.

This Kickstarter even has an LED light built into the collar so you can light up your pet's path and make him visible when you're on a late-night walk. With a three-week battery life, you can charge Felcana up in just four hours.