Now you're playing with power...again!

With console wars racing to jam more hard drive space and processing power into smaller sleeker boxes Nintendo said, nope! Let's kick it old school for a bit! The NES Classic Edition is a small-scale original Nintendo with some modern improvements...but not too many! You'll still feel most of the pains of retro gaming, and that's okay.

Smart, but not connected

The NES Classic Edition is a love letter to Nintendo fanboy and fangirls who love the nostalgia that Nintendo does so well. The company is re-releasing their 1985 NES in a smaller, cuter, form and keeping the experience extremely authentic, right down to the box it comes in. The controllers are wired to the machine which means you'll have to sit within a few feet of your TV. If your retinas can't take it anymore, just plug into a Wiimote or Classic Controller Pro, to go wireless.

NES Classic Edition


The NES Classic Edition is a scaled down, HDMI-compatible NES with 30 built-in games.

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There are a few improvements in this updated console to appease gamers of today. The system comes with 30 built-in titles. And we're talking about the good ones. Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby's Adventure, and Donkey Kong just to name a few. Each of these games allows you to activate a Suspend Point which means when you get to the hard part you can save your game so you don't have to start from scratch like you did in the old days. This is perhaps the biggest change and will ensure you enjoy revisiting these titles instead of flinging a controller across the room and bursting into tears after investing hours in a game only to lose before the final boss battle.

Visually you can choose to display in three, high-definition modes of video output. A CRT filter makes it look like an old TV, scan lines and all. 4:3 mode gives you the original look with a slight horizontal stretch. And Pixel Perfect ensures each pixel is a perfect square when it's displayed on your screen so you'll see and play the game exactly as the designers did about 30 years ago!