Redefining the smart projector

In today's digital world, the sources of a lot of our entertainment are Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, YouTube, Spotify, Skype, the web and mobile apps. Odin2 allows you to do most things your smartphone can do, without your smartphone or computer.

Look at the bigger picture

Odin2 is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled smart projector that boasts the convenience and functionality of an Android tablet. You can stream movies or music, surf the web, or play video games on the big screen.

With 16GB of internal memory, you can save files, pictures and movies and access them directly without connecting to the internet. Or, if you already have all your entertainment or business files in one place, you can connect your Dropbox or Google Drive storage apps onto Odin2 to access everything.

This Kickstarter also has screen sharing capabilities, so you can beam your device's or computer's screen to the smart projector, and the Keystone function prevents image distortion when it hits the ceiling or wall at an angle for perfect picture, every time.


This smart projector is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled so you can wirelessly stream media from your home network.


Odin2 is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled smart projector that allows you to stream movies, make video calls, play XBox or Playstation on the big screen, and more.

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Can you hear me now? Good.

Odin2's camera and microphone allow you to make video and voice calls on Skype or Google Hangouts, and the full-colour, five-inch touch screen give you easy control.

The smart projector comes with a tripod mount, has an ultra quiet fan system, and its sleep mode gives you open root access to files while making things energy efficient.