And you'll never drop your phone again

Admit it. You've wished, at some lazy point, that you could read your phone without having to hold it up yourself. With PopSockets, you can.

Grip. Stand. Mount.

PopSockets are secure reusable grips that adhere to your phone or tablet so you can rest or mount your phone to almost anything...your dashboard for your commute, the bathroom mirror while you get ready in the morning, the kitchen backsplash while you cook up a storm, your desk at work, or your bedpost.

The grips pop out when needed but are otherwise extremely compact and collapse so you can still lay your phone flat. PopSockets make reading texts or e-books, watching videos, taking stable, one-handed selfies, playing games or surfing the web easy and convenient.

Best of all, they're reusable, so you can reposition them over and over. If they seem to be losing their grip, simply rinse off any debris and dry the grips to bring them back to their glory.



PopSockets are secure, customizable, reusable grips that adhere to your device so you can rest or mount your phone to your dashboard, a mirror, the kitchen wall, your desk, or your bedpost.

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Working double duty

Use a pair of PopSockets to clip your phone onto your laptop screen and you'll never miss a beat from your phone while you're working. You can also use the expanded grips to keep your earbuds' cord organized on the back of your more tangled wires when you want to listen to your jams.

There are over 130 pretty awesome PopSockets patterns available online but you can also load your own photo or pattern to make them all your own.