The smartest way to get peace of mind.

When you've got a baby on board, you're carrying the most precious cargo...but if your car seat is installed improperly, you may not realize you're putting your baby's life in danger. This self-installing car seat will give you peace of mind.

Baby on board

Four out of five car seats are installed improperly...and parents have no idea. The 4moms self-installing car seat is a smart car seat that walks you through the installation process with its 4moms app to make sure you complete each step correctly and tells you when it's set-up the right way.

The smart car seat then automatically levels the seat (even if you're parked on an incline) and adjusts its tension as needed based on your car's make and model to keep baby protected.

When it's good to go, the app gives you a green verification notification, and it confirms correct installation every single time you click your baby's carrier into place, ensuring latches connect properly, that the seat is level and that the tension is okay. It even comes with a newborn insert to ensure the proper fit for even the tiniest small as four precious pounds!

4moms Self-Installing Car Seat


This smart, self-installing car seat walks you through the installation process, verifies when it's completed correctly, then automatically levels the seat and adjusts its tension to keep baby protected.

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The seat that grows with your child

The 4moms self- installing car seat continuously monitors the connection while you're driving and the app will notify you if anything changes. If you leave the carrier in the base of the car seat, the app will notify you, lessening the chance you might accidentally forget or leave your child in the car.

The app also reminds you to adjust the seat's harness and headrest based on your child's height, weight, and projected growth, and the app also lets you know when they're outgrowing the seat. You'll never worry about your child's safety in the car again.