Manage stress, stay calm, accomplish more

When your day gets to be too much and you need to take a breath to focus on getting back into your zen zone, Muse will guide help you calm yourself through app-guided meditation.

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Muse is your personal meditation assistant. The Bluetooth-enabled brain-sensing headband helps you find your inner calmness and teaches you how to manage everyday stress.

Pair the smart headband to your phone or tablet. When you get stressed and need to find your inner peace, put the headband on and launch the app. Muse will guide you through easy brain training sessions and help you calm yourself in as little as three minutes.

Muse monitors and tracks your meditation and gives you real-time feedback through the app, showing you how your brain works moment-to-moment. It can sense if your mind begins to wander, and if it does, Muse encourages you back into a meditative state. Because it's all tracked on your smartphone, you can track long-term progress.



Muse is a Bluetooth-enabled brain-sensing headband that helps you find your inner peace, and teaches you how to manage everyday stress and calm yourself in stressful situations.

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See ya later, stress!

Muse is equipped with seven sensors that translate your brain signals into the sounds of wind. When your mind is racing, the winds follow suit, and when you find your inner peace and your mind has calmed down, you will hear soft, settled winds.

The silicone-coated headband has five hours of continuous battery life and you can sync it to with multiple different devices. It's available in black or white.