Less water, less work

Sure, we'd all like to be a little more green, save a little more money, be good global citizens, but you know...effort! Often we choose convenience over conservation. Swon ensures you don't sacrifice either when you take a shower.

Splish, splash, save water

Most of us don't think about how much water we use during a shower, but it's quite a bit. Every minute in the shower about two-and-a-half gallons of water goes down the drain. Swon is a smart adapter that can help you save on water. Short-term this saves you money on your water bill. Long term, you're being a better global citizen.

The coolest feature of Swon is that it can install in under a minute to virtually any shower head and you can set it to use less water but still have the same feel and water pressure of your normal shower! This is awesome, but for the connected home, this smart shower head can do more.



Swon is a smart device that attaches to your faucet allowing you to use less water and allowing you to track your water conservation efforts on your smartphone.

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Smarter showers

Swon can track how long you've been in the shower, sending a little report to your phone showing how much time and water was spent for that shower, and even estimates how much money that will add to your water bill that month making you more aware.

It also can sense when your water is at the right temperature and will beep or send you a notification that it's time to get in, so you don't waste any of that hot water while you wait for the shower to get to the right temperature. Finally, you can specify an ideal shower time on the Swon app based on how much water you use and how much that will cost you and Swon will beep to alert you when you've hit your limit, helping you stick to your conservation plan.