A new way to work, right hear

Open offices are great for collaboration, but can be tough for productivity! There are just so many distractions and so much noise! Tilde was designed to help you concentrate in noisy environments.

Your new office bud

Working in an a lofty, open-concept office can certainly add a cool-vibe to the workday (and maybe even a shared office chihuahua) but these cavernous spaces can make it tough to focus on the task at hand between voices, music, phone calls, keyboards, footsteps and that stupid office dog barking! Tilde smart earbuds from OroSound provide a 360-degree solution to help you tune out distractions, but still keep you accessible for important conversations.

Simply slide in these ultra-comfortable, hypoallergenic earbuds in place and rest the control strap around your neck. The strap's built-in microphones sense the ambient and chaotic noises of your environment and cancel them out in your earbuds. However when you're facing a colleague, simply press a button on the strap to isolate just their voice.

Tilde Noise Management Earphones


Tilde smart earbuds provide incredible noise cancellation using an eight microphone pickup system to tune out unwanted noises in loud environments.

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They're great earbuds too

In addition to supplying superior noise cancelling technology, these Bluetooth earbuds allow you to stream music or take phone calls with exceptional audio quality. A built-in microphone to the earbud will isolate your own voice during a phone call from the ambiance around you. This makes phone calls feel much more natural when compared to other noise-cancelling earbuds.

Tilde has an eight-hour battery life and can help you get more done in less time by eliminating audio distractions around the workplace.