Target your core like never before

The problem with working out is that unless you constantly change it up, your body gets used to routine and exercises that used to work for you no longer give you the results you want. Or you just don't work out because it's boring, hard, and just about everything is much more fun than exercise. Stealth is a game changer...literally.

Are you game?

The Stealth Core Trainer is a stealth interactive core trainer that is powered by gameplay technology. It's portable and can easily be stored anywhere.

Just download the free Stealth app to your phone and set your device into Stealth's phone cradle. This Kickstarter incorporates gaming on your phone screen while you perfect your plank position, tilting left and right, helping you engage all of your muscles for an intense, three-minute core workout that will give you guaranteed impressive results.

The more you play, the stronger you get. And for you competitive types, Stealth comes equipped with a multi-player function so you can get fit while having fun.

Stealth Core Trainer


The Stealth Core Trainer is an interactive and portable core trainer that is powered by gameplay technology.

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Say goodbye to boring, routine exercises

The Stealth Gaming App makes exercising exciting again. You can get your swell on and crush your core workout in just three minutes a day.

Stealth's gameplay makes working out so much fun, you'll forget that you're targeting 29 core muscles for maximum results in minimum time.