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Using IFTTT with Android Wear

By Robert J Nelson on 6 Jul 2014 02:18 pm

The LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live are both Android Wear watches. Both are available through the Play Store, and should begin appearing on wrists very soon. And nicely, IFTTT has introduced the Android Wear Channel. You will need to download IFTTT for Android and pair it with an Android Wear device to get started. But assuming you have taken care of that -- you can then use the wearable as a trigger or action.

As we covered in our original getting started with IFTTT post, the name stands for If This, Then That. Breaking that down, the trigger is the "this" and the action is the "that." Along with the Android Wear channel, you will also need to activate the channel(s) for any of the other services/software or devices you want to marry with your watch. Naturally, the real fun begins once all the necessary channels have been activated.

IFTTT has more than 100 available channels and that means the potential use cases may seem endless. We suspect everyone will have their favorites, but remember, Android Wear is about bringing notifications to your wrist so you can keep your phone in your pocket or bag. This would have you place the watch in the action category. A few examples include sending a notification to your wrist for an updated RSS feed, or to remind yourself that you have yet to reach your daily step goal with Fitbit.

But while getting notifications is one method for use, there are plenty of examples of how to pair IFTTT with Android Wear where the watch falls into the trigger category. In this case the trigger fires every time you tap a button on IFTTT using Android Wear. Looking toward the current most popular shared items and we find goodies that include everything from muting the ringtone on your phone, to (combining with WeMo) to turn on a space heater.

Other shared recipes include using IFTTT to get an email that shows a map of your current location, to sending a quick canned message to your significant other letting them know you are on your way home. As we already mentioned one for WeMo users, those with a Philips Hue setup could also use IFTTT on their watch to turn the lights off.

As this is a new channel, and the Android Wear watches have only just begin shipping -- we are expecting to see quite a bit more activity in the coming weeks. There are certainly plenty of recipes to get you started, and nicely, the watches can be used as the Trigger or Action. Essentially that means you can use the watch to make something happen, or use another service/device to make something happen on the watch. IFTTT is an ever-growing topic, and as these watches are still so new we may need to revisit this post in the future.

If you planning to use IFTTT to improve your Android Wear watch experience make sure to share some recipes in the comments below!

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Using IFTTT with Android Wear


I still think it still needs to be refined, but it has a lot potential.

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